I'm a photographer and graphic designer based out of New York City. With the vast amount of tall buildings, diversity of people, and even dirty local creatures, there's always an interesting picture to capture.

Carrying a lot of photography gear in the big city can be a hassle. This challenge shouldn't stop anyone from taking amazing pictures though. Many people already carry a great camera with them everyday, their cellphone. Many times during my city commute I see views that would make a great photograph. Luckily with today's technology, cellphone cameras are a great photography tool. Use any camera you have and capture the moments!

I always tell myself, "Take more pictures!" Every time I look back on the pictures it would brings back happy memories. The memories, in turn, motivates me to take more photos. This hobby turned into something enjoyable where other people are able to enjoy my work as well.

Digital photography makes viewing photos so convenient and easy to share but printing it out turns it into real art. A printed and framed photograph can easily change the mood to a room. Love a picture? Have it printed and framed. Photographs are better enjoyed when it is printed.